Are you nuts about Black Walnut Winery?
Then join our Frequent Buyers Program!
Members of our Frequent Buyers Program take advantage of escalating discounts plus special rewards.


How it works:
  • When you purchase your first case (12 bottles must be purchased at the same time) of Black Walnut wine you will receive our standard 10% case discount and be given a BWW Frequent Buyers Program card (Card #1).
  • Once you have completed Card #1 by purchasing 12 bottles individually (5% discount will apply on individual bottle purchases) or at one time (standard 10% case discount will apply for 12 bottles purchased at one time) you will then receive a 10% discount on any future wine purchase < 12 bottles at a time. If you purchase a case at a time you receive a 15% discount (Cards #2-8).
  • Once you have completed/filled 8 cards, you then receive a 15% discount on any future wine purchase <12 bottles at a time. If you purchase a case at a time you receive a 20% discount (Cards #9-11).
  • Once you have purchased 11 cases of wine (i.e., filled 11 cards) you then become a member of the “The 4 Nuts Club”. This prestigious membership entitles you to a lifetime discount of 25% on wine purchases, individual bottle or case.
  • Throughout the year we will post various “specials” and “bottle discounts” for our Frequent Buyers Program and 4 Nuts Club members.
Other Benefits:
  • All Frequent Buyers Program members who have completed 6 or more cards are invited to an annual private event at the winery.
  • In addition to the above event, members of the 4Nuts Club will also be invited, one time only, to a private dinner at the winery with all 4 owners (AKA “The 4 Nuts”).
  • Program memberships are non-transferable. You may be asked to produce ID to verify ownership of the membership card. 
  • Any owner of Black Walnut Winery reserves the right to revoke anyone’s membership at any time for any reason.
  • Discounts pertain to wine purchases only unless a membership special is being run. 
Guidelines are subject to change at any time without notice.

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