The Owners
It all started one day in 2001 when Lance, Valerie, Jack and Karen decided to try their hand at winemaking. Their friends joined in and they processed 500 lbs of grapes for their 'unofficial' first crush under a canopy of Black Walnut trees at the home of Lance and Valerie. This very quickly became an annual event. Several years later, they began to talk about opening a winery.

The Adventure
In April of 2006 we began the process of renovating a 198 year old bank barn in Chester County, PA to house Black Walnut Winery. The renovations were completed a little more than three years later, and we opened the winery to the public on July 31, 2009.

Handmade for Excellence
Friends and family came out in the fall of 2006 to participate in the first official crush at Black Walnut Winery. Several years later, our guests are sipping on the fruits of our labor. We invite you to visit Black Walnut Winery to sample our wines in our distinctive tasting room in Sadsburyville.


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